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Hewitt’s Decorating Services is a group of painting and decorating specialists who are committed to providing the highest level of workmanship in a professional manner. We have been in the decorating trade for so many years and have gained extensive knowledge about what to do and what not in decorating different types of spaces.

Our in-depth understanding when it comes to design along with our excellent customer service has helped us complete the large number of projects we have undertaken over the years. We know the best materials to use depending on the property and industry. We’re up to date with building regulations and life safety standard and adhere to them to ensure excellent results in our works.

Our team of top skilled and professional decorators offers personalised service, making sure to meet all your specific requirements. We work closely with every individual customer and provide expert advice on the best paint colours, decorations, designs, and layouts for guaranteed satisfaction.

We decorate all types of commercial and residential spaces, and we promise to give 5-star service without the 5-star price. We’re passionate about giving each client the best decorating solution for their property. Thus, you can be at peace, knowing that the people working on your project has a deep love on their trade.

Whenever you need quality painters and decorators, you already know who to call – Hewitt’s Decorating Services. Contact us today for a free quote.

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